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My name is Scott Hardy, I'm a independent computer business like everyone on here, I realized that yelp and Craigslist and angieslist weren't really getting me the types of customers I wanted, so I created, if this were a pay service I wouldn't be advertising it, it's free for everyone, and on top of that it creates a place that your customers can rate and review your work. Whenever I get a new customer I refer them to the site and have them see my reviews ... The other bonus is since its location based when they put in a city or address they see who is closest to them, just this week I had a customer find me via the website and he was amazed at how close I was! I'm just a computer guy trying to help other computer guys, it's free and so far after a year I'm coming up on page 3 of google searches , not bad for not paying extortion to google. I don't collect info and I remove ratings that are not verified or just downright mean. Thanks for taking a look and…
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