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Q. How do I find someone near me?

A. Click in the NEAR field and type your address hit enter, anyone within 15 miles will apear in the list below.


Q. I’ve found someone near me, how do i find someone to remove a virus?

A. Click on the categories list at the top of the screen and select Malware/Virus, techs with those skills will appear in the list.


Q. How much does it cost to list my business?

A. Nothing, it’s free


Q. Can I be on your featured listing?

A. Yes, I will select from the list those that have the most outstanding reviews.


Q. When creating a new business listing what is the maximum pixel size for pictures?

A. 250×250 is the optimum size for uploading media.


Q. When creating a business listing there is no listing for what city and state I’m in?

A. Simply put the full address on the address line ie.. 700 Ventura San Diego, California 92109       then click find on map

(it is also acceptable to simply put a city, state on the address line ie..      San Diego, California        then click find on map


Thank You!


One response to “FAQ”

  1. My name is Scott Hardy, I’m a independent computer business like everyone on here, I realized that yelp and Craigslist and angieslist weren’t really getting me the types of customers I wanted, so I created thegeekfinder.com, if this were a pay service I wouldn’t be advertising it, it’s free for everyone, and on top of that it creates a place that your customers can rate and review your work. Whenever I get a new customer I refer them to the site and have them see my reviews … The other bonus is since its location based when they put in a city or address they see who is closest to them, just this week I had a customer find me via the website and he was amazed at how close I was!

    I’m just a computer guy trying to help other computer guys I don’t collect info and I remove ratings that are not verified or just downright mean.

    Thanks for taking a look and I hope that it can get you some business! It’s already helped me!

    Thank you


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