We know that Craiglist.com has many services offered similar to ours, featuring low costing computer repair solutions. What most people don’t know is that while the prices that are advertised from others’ seems too good to be true, they may not follow data security practice. Your computer holds all your information, such as pictures, videos, personal writings, CREDIT CARDS!!!!

Generally speaking if the person working on your computer is not a trained technician with a visible work shop then be careful your personal life is in a complete strangers hands.

We are here, we are certified, and we are the Real I.T Professionals.

PC & Apple Hardware

Software Solutions

Screen Repairs

DC Jack Repair

Password Removal

Virus Removal

Data Rescue

Unlock Phones

Tablet Repairs

Memory Upgrade

Custom Build Gaming Rigs

Motherboard Replacement

HDD Cloning

Environmental Transfer

Software Solutions

Computer Usage Classes

Software Installation


In Home Set-up

Windows 8 Downgrade

and much more….


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