Slow computing, overworked processor/fan, system errors, boot problems, hijacked browsing, deactivated firewall & antivirus?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms your machine is more than likely infected and a major risk to your privacy and data.

Furthermore you may have sophisticated trojans and other malware operating in stealth mode that most popular antivirus softwares will not be able to detect or remove. Unaware of their existence they can be stealing your data, capturing keystrokes, and eavesdropping on your passwords and online account/banking credentials leaking this information without your knowledge to rogue parties.

I offer SAME DAY turnaround (usually within a few short hours) on a complete cleanout of your system at a convenient drop off location in Santa Clara or at your business / home within south bay area. If your system boots and you have a working internet connection a quick diagnostics and even remote cleanout is possible in lesser infected cases.

Depending on your level of infection, I offer the following Windows 8 / 7 / XP expert-level infection cleanout packages:



– General cleanout of viruses, trojans, scam toolbars hijacking your browsers generating annoying popups and slowing down your computing experience

– FREE install of ANTIVIRUS (1-year license)

– browsers security configuration

– firewall checks

– system updates

Only $59



– BASIC plus more extended cleanout including keyloggers, exploits, backdoors designed to be invisible to popular antivirus scanners

– FREE install / configuration of ANTIVIRUS (1-year license)

– FREE install / configuration of anti-code injection blockers to guard against cryptolockers and other highly dangerous malware

– firewall hardening, registry fixes

Only $99



– EXTENDED plus FULL cleanout including deep rootkits, bots, worms, ransomware lockouts

– FREE install / configuration of ENTERPRISE-CLASS ANTIVIRUS (lifetime license)

– drivers / dll / registry disinfects

– permissions / credentials restoral

– firewall reconfiguration

– memory leak fixes

– general windows security hardening

Only $149


Add $30 for service at your home or business location


ZERO LOSS to any of your personal data and files GUARANTEED. Your system will operate almost like brand new without unnecessary windows re-installation that some service providers incur by adding additional cost, time and headaches leaving you to reinstall all your programs from scratch not to mention Windows and MS Office re-licensing legal issues that can identify you as using pirated software and create unnecessary legal risks.

Feel free to call, text or email anytime for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment (408)214-5303

Accepting credit cards, company checks, paypal or cash.


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